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Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you
With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

I stalk her. I know that’s the technically correct term for it though I prefer watching, protecting…something that doesn’t make me sound so creepy. I think I’ve always kind of stalked her. I was eight years old when I first stood outside Liz Parker’s window.

Isabel and I were on our way home from the park. We were late and trying to make it home in time for dinner. We were running by her house and I saw her light on in her room. She was bent over the desk in her room, writing something. I stopped and Isabel looked back at me.

“Tell Mom I’ll be right there.”

“You’re gonna get in trouble. We’re late for dinner.”

“I know. Just tell Mom I’ll be right there.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Isabel had run off and I’d stood there watching Liz Parker until full dark had fallen.

At which point my dad had shown up in his car. He and Mom were terrified something had happened to me.

After that I waited until everyone was asleep to sneak out and stand outside Liz’s window.

I still stand outside her window for hours that she’ll never know about it despite the fact that I’m her boyfriend now. I could go knock on the window and she’d let me in. Sometimes being so close to Liz is like being a moth in a flame. She’s so bright and so full of love and joy…she burns. Sometimes I just have to get some distance.

On my worst nights I think I’m storing it all up for when Michael, Isabel and I have to run. I know that in ways she’ll understand that and in others she’ll never forgive me for leaving her behind. She’ll probably, initially, think it was because I didn’t love her enough.

One of these days she’ll realize it’s because I love her so much.

With or without her, loving Liz has never had anything to do with actually being with her.

It’s more like breathing.

Rotm 147.3

Feb. 20th, 2007 06:21 pm
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ooc: I tried to explain to Max that he was supposed to use the poem titles as inspiration. He decided to use the authors as inspiration and have his pick of poems and use "The Road Not Taken" I apologize. Also, this response includes the entire series of Roswell, as opposed to the first half of season 1 as he's been sticking to.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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And sometimes you close your eyes
And see the place you used to live
When you were young

There are days it doesn’t cross my mind at all. There are whole weeks when I feel like a normal sixteen year old kid. There are whole hours where I completely forget that I am not normal.

And then there are times, growing ever increasingly frequent, when I can’t forget for even a heartbeat. There are days and weeks and months where I feel like an entirely different species and it is pointed out to me at seemingly every turn that I am not human.

Sometimes I dream about it. Of course I don’t have any proof of anything. I don’t have memories or even flashes of memories so I don’t know if it’s just something my imagination is supplying or actually bits of where I’m from.

Michael calls it home. He always has. I guess it could be. I don’t know. Home to me is Isabel. She always has been. If she is with me I am home. Maybe it’s because she’s my twin or maybe it’s because she’s like me. I don’t know and I stopped caring a long time ago. I just accept that part of me for what it is.

I don’t want to go back to where ever it is we came from. I know there would be answers there, answers I won’t ever get anywhere else but I’d rather stay here. I’d rather not know for the rest of my life then leave the friends and family I’ve made here. Isabel might be home and Michael might be family but they’re not the only people I love. There are my parents and Liz. I can’t imagine a life without her in it. It doesn’t matter that I’m on the edge of her life. She’s the axis that my world turns on.

I kiss Liz and I see the stars. I see the planets and the universes. I see bits and flashes of where I’m from. Doesn’t that mean something? Michael wants to use her as a tool, a way to see the road back home. I think it’s a sign. I think she’s the reason I’m here. I crossed universes and galaxies to get to her. I think I should stay.

I know it’s selfish when I step back and look at it hard. I mean….say Liz is my reason for being here. Why are Michael and Isabel here too? Did they just come along for the ride? It doesn’t matter what I was on that planet, I don’t have the right to commandeer their lives and insist that we stay because I think I’ve found my destiny on this planet.

I don’t want to go home though. I don’t want to leave Liz. I don’t want to see the stars or the planets or the universe unless I can see it when I kiss her.

And yet I will, if Michael and Isabel decide to go, I’ll break her heart and carve out mine. It’s what I’ve warned her about from the very beginning. I will hurt her because Michael, Isabel and I have to stick together. There are things more important than what I want, more important than what Liz wants and I hate it.
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ooc: This one was too perfect not to try out

On July 2nd, 1947 at 9:47pm something happened in Roswell, New Mexico that is still referred to as the incident. The government claims it was a weather balloon crashing. Residents swear it was little, green men. The entire town revolves around “the incident”. We’ve got theme restaurants, museums and festivals celebrating that night. The incident has spawned a thousand theories and launched a million stories. Everything from E.T. to War of The Worlds.

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What is your favorite food or drink and why? Now, imagine if, starting now, that food or beverage was eliminated from existence. Just GONE. What would you do? Would you miss it?

Yeah I’d miss it. My favorite food is Tabasco sauce. I know it’s weird. It’s still my favorite food. I eat it on literally everything. I also put it into some of my drinks like orange juice. I even take a bottle of Tabasco sauce with me when I go to a restaurant because not every one of them has it. I have this thing about really strong flavors. Particularly very sweet or very salty mixed together. My sister has the same food thing.

I guess if it were just gone and I couldn’t hoard some I’d try some other kind of picante sauce but it wouldn’t be the same. I mean I can’t very well say I’d stop eating all together even though a lot of the enjoyment in eating would be gone for me.
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Max pulled the jeep up to the curb in front of the Crashdown cafe. He turned the ignition off and sat in the jeep for a moment with both hands on the steering wheel. He was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a light gray tee shirt. He had a non date with Liz, the girl he'd been watching since he was six years old. He got out of the jeep and started into the diner, his stomach filled with butterflies. Liz was watching him now. He wasn't invisible anymore where she was concerned and it scared him.
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ooc: Max is not in [ profile] theatrical_muse nor will I be applying for him but I am mun to some pups there and he wanted to talk about this topic. From time to time he may talk about other tm topics.

What am I waiting for? I guess I’m waiting to go home. I guess I’ve always been waiting to go home. I’m waiting for my life to start. It feels like…I’m waiting to take a breath. I’m waiting….for everything.

[locked from everyone in Roswell]

I’m waiting for Liz to look up and see me. I’m waiting for her to realize I’ve been there all along, watching her, waiting for her. I’ve always been waiting for Liz from the moment I saw her. I think my life begins when she notices me. I don’t have a reason for believing that. It’s just something that feels true.


Maybe it’s just being sixteen that makes my whole life feel like it’s in neutral. Maybe its teenager angst or just me brooding. That’s what Michael would tell me. Not that Michael is ever right but…

I’m waiting on everything.

Max Evans
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Once upon a time there was a boy. He was different from all the other boys. He was even different from the only other boy like him. He had a good life though, a sister he adored and that adored him, adoptive parents that were fairytale perfect.

And there was a girl. This is a fairytale. There has to be a girl. He loved the girl from the moment he saw her but nobody finds their soul mate when they’re six, do they? The boy did but he was different. So different from her that he knew their lives could never intersect. He would always be the odd little boy watching her on the playground, hiding in the shadows, sitting on the fringes of her life. It was where he belonged. It was where he would always belong.

Until one day the girl was shot while the boy was watching the fringes of her life. In that moment, he knew their lives had to intersect because it was her. His difference could save her life. And he did it without even thinking, because it was her. He knew saving her would endanger everything he was. He knew it would endanger the lives of his friends and his family. He saved her anyway. Because it was her.

There was no happily ever after for the boy who was different and the girl he loved. There was just an ever after.


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