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On July 2nd, 1947 at 9:47pm something happened in Roswell, New Mexico that is still referred to as the incident. The government claims it was a weather balloon crashing. Residents swear it was little, green men. The entire town revolves around “the incident”. We’ve got theme restaurants, museums and festivals celebrating that night. The incident has spawned a thousand theories and launched a million stories. Everything from E.T. to War of The Worlds.

A weather balloon? )
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What is your favorite food or drink and why? Now, imagine if, starting now, that food or beverage was eliminated from existence. Just GONE. What would you do? Would you miss it?

Yeah I’d miss it. My favorite food is Tabasco sauce. I know it’s weird. It’s still my favorite food. I eat it on literally everything. I also put it into some of my drinks like orange juice. I even take a bottle of Tabasco sauce with me when I go to a restaurant because not every one of them has it. I have this thing about really strong flavors. Particularly very sweet or very salty mixed together. My sister has the same food thing.

I guess if it were just gone and I couldn’t hoard some I’d try some other kind of picante sauce but it wouldn’t be the same. I mean I can’t very well say I’d stop eating all together even though a lot of the enjoyment in eating would be gone for me.


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