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Once upon a time there was a boy. He was different from all the other boys. He was even different from the only other boy like him. He had a good life though, a sister he adored and that adored him, adoptive parents that were fairytale perfect.

And there was a girl. This is a fairytale. There has to be a girl. He loved the girl from the moment he saw her but nobody finds their soul mate when they’re six, do they? The boy did but he was different. So different from her that he knew their lives could never intersect. He would always be the odd little boy watching her on the playground, hiding in the shadows, sitting on the fringes of her life. It was where he belonged. It was where he would always belong.

Until one day the girl was shot while the boy was watching the fringes of her life. In that moment, he knew their lives had to intersect because it was her. His difference could save her life. And he did it without even thinking, because it was her. He knew saving her would endanger everything he was. He knew it would endanger the lives of his friends and his family. He saved her anyway. Because it was her.

There was no happily ever after for the boy who was different and the girl he loved. There was just an ever after.
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